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Some of my favorite quotes:

Muhammad Ali: I'm the greatest

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer: Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.

Jo Blackwell-Preston: Don't you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are

Wendy Wasserstein: Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable

Conor McGregor: The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.

Conor McGregor: There's no talent here, this is hard work, this is an obsession

Tina Fey: Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it.

Stephen Richards: Self-confidence is contagious.

Muhammad Ali: Don’t count the days; make the days count.

Ex Teams

RomaniaUnited Forces
  • RomaniaDamon
  • RomaniaRobert
  • RomaniaDexter
  • RomaniaBlizZ

RomaniaTeam Legacy eSports
  • RomaniaDamon
  • Romaniabik3r
  • RomaniaDexter
  • RomaniaRobert

RomaniaThee Untouchables
  • RomaniaDamon
  • RomaniaBull3t
  • RomaniaRobert
  • RomaniaDexter

RomaniaTeam Prologic
  • RomaniaDamon
  • GermanyDaenji
  • GermanySpeedji
  • RomaniaRobert
  • RomaniaDexter

United KingdomnoPulse
  • IndiaFraGaLL
  • RomaniaDamon
  • Finlandrg4in

  • FrancenTo
  • RomaniaDamon
  • Franceeraz

BelgiumTeam amped
  • RomaniaDamon
  • BelgiumSupNa
  • Turkeyreina

RomaniaSample Team
  • RomaniaDamon
  • BelgiumSupNa
  • IndiarAmbo

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k13-2k14
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • United Kingdomrazz
  • BelgiumSupNa
  • Czech RepublicmilhAus
  • United States of AmericaNazty

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k15-2k16
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • NetherlandskARMA
  • FinlandRong
  • United Kingdomrazz

  • RomaniaDamon
  • FinlandWebe
  • United States of Americaipod

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k17-2k18
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • Belgiumchry

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k18-2k19
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • Belgiumchry
  • FranceuYop

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k19-2k20
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • Belgiumchry
  • FranceuYop

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k20-2k21
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • FranceuYop
  • United Kingdomrazz

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k21-2k22
  • RomaniaDamon
  • NetherlandsGiZmOoO
  • Germanys1LENT

Europe30 Seconds to MARS 2k22-2k23
  • RomaniaDamon
  • Polandh2o
  • Czech Republicagsor

Europe 1on1 Summer Series 2nd Divizion
Europe 1on1 Autumn Series 3nd Divizion
Europe 1on1 Autumn Cup 1#ODC
Europe 1on1 Autumn Cup 7#ODC
Europe ESL 1on1 Ladder
Romania 2on2 Summer League 2011
Europe ESL 2on2 Ladder
Romania 3on3 ODC Romania
Romania Team Romania 2013
Romania Team Romania 2014
Romania Team Romania 2015
Europe mAlibu.et 3on3 OneDayCup with Poland Wariats
Europe mAlibu.et 3on3 OneDayCup with Europe ET IN 2K14
Europe ClanBase 3on3 ladder with Europe30stm
Europe ClanBase 3on3 Winter second league with Europe30stm
Europe CyberGamer 3on3 ladder with Europe30stm
Europe CyberGamer 3on3 Winter 2nd div with Europe30stm
Europe CyberGamer 1on1 ladder with Europe30stm
Europe xD'Trickjump anniversary cup with Europe30stm
Europe ET MASTERS CUP withEurope30stm
Europe Gentlemen Gaming ODC #2 with Europeermine-team
Europe mENACE's 3on3 ODC with Europeermine-team
Europe ODC@3ON3#1 with Europe30stm
Europe ODC@3ON3#2 with Europe30stm
Europe 3on3 2K18 SUMMER CUP with Europe30stm
Europe 3on3 2k19 ETernity Cup with Europe30stm
Europe Baserace Etpro ODC with EuropeDeath Dealers
Europe ODC 3on3 ET with Europe30stm
Europe ODC 3ON3 ET #2 with Europe30stm
Europe Elysium Fall Cup: 3on3 with Europe30stm
Europe ET Spring Cup 2k21: 3on3 with Europe30stm
Europe ET:Legacy 2k21:3on3 with EuropeStacked
Europe ET:Legacy 2k21:3on3 #2 with Europe30stm
Europe ET:Legacy 2k21 6on6 ODC 2nd div with EuropeMomentum
Europe ET:Legacy 2k21 6on6 ODC 1st div with EuropeCiorbas
Europe Momentum Gaming: ET: Legacy 2k22 3on3 Cup with Europe30stm
Europe ET Legacy 3on3 Ladder with Europe30stm
Europe ET Legacy 3on3 ODC with Europe30stm
Europe ET Anniversary Fall Cup with Europe30stm
CPUIntel i5 9400f @ 2.9Ghz
MemoryCorsair Vengeance LPX Black 16GB @ 2666
GraphicsGeForce RTX 2060 D6 12G
Operating SystemWin10 HOME
MonitorBenq 144hz
MouseRazer Deathadder V2
MousepadRAZER Gigantus V2
HeadsetHyperX Cloud 2 Alpha