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nina alias nowa
# 293 10/07/08 17:03
greet back <3
anexis^demaar e.V
# 116 30/08/07 22:11
<3 my bf polak

image: legia
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Former ESL WarRock and CoD4 player

Ex-Member of:

Poland UniversalSoldiers
Poland Spectrum-Gaming
Poland UnderCity
Poland Team Poland
Poland Betsson Voodoo Gaming
Germany Anexis eSports e.V.

1st place in ESL WarRock CQC 4on4 Polish Championships
1st place in ESL 3on3+ Ladder EU
1st place in WarRock CQC 2on2 Summer Cup PL
1st place in ESL 2on2 Ladder PL
2nd place in ESL WarRock 1on1 Ladder
2nd place in ESL 2on2 Ladder EU
3rd place in ESL 4on4 Ladder PL
3rd place in ESL WarRock 1on1 Quick Ladder
Victory and invitation in Polish eliminations for Game and Game World Championship in South Korea.